Kaibigan ng Kaunlaran at Kalikasan (KKK)

Kaibigan ng Kaunlaran at Kalikasan (KKK)

Friends of Progress and the Environment

Through the Lenses of Science

Through the Lenses of Science

Through the Lenses of Science




To address environmental issues through the lenses of science in order to clarify current difficulties in the understanding of these issues and thereby minimize conflicts arising from them.

Our Vision

An Environmentally conscious and well-informed public, a responsive government that enacts or implement rationale laws and policies and a private sector (both for profit and non-profit) that is regulated fairly.

Our Strategies

To invoke the assistance of relevant scientific experts whenever specific environmental issues are raised and integrate their expert opinions into a form that can be easily-understood by all who are concerned about the issues.

Whenever possible, to forward this explanation to the relevant government agency in the hope that affected laws and policies may be sharpened and better enforced.


Air Dispersion Modeling: An Effective Tool for Air Quality Management
KKK recognizes that even the most basic air pollution precautions can have a radical influence on the success of environmental protection efforts, if such measures are embraced by community leaders. Policy makers and stakeholders are key factors in the promotion and acceptance of air quality management strategies.
Modeling Particulate Matter Dispersion in Metro Manila
Kaibigan ng Kaunlaran at Kalikasan (KKK) in partnership with Clean Air Asia and in cooperation with Manila Observatory and a Professional in Meteorology1 has completed a 2-year Study on Air Dispersion in Metro Manila.


KKK invited to Public Discussions on Coal Power Plants

On invitation of the Kapihan Sa Dayrit's Producers, namely Rey Garcia of News Central, Godofredo M. Manuel of Aguman Capampangan, Mr. Polyne Llanora DWHL-756KhzAM, Ptr. Renee Verzosa of Dayrit's Kitchen and Mr. John "Dr. J" Sayson, KKK's Dr. Ed Alabastro and Medi Fernando and separately KKK adviser Dr. Ely Ouano, participated in the various stakeholders' consultations on issues attendant to coal power plants.

Mass Emission Rate Standards (MERS) for Stationary Sources

Twelve (12) years after the Clean Air Act the major provision governing the operation of industrial facilities, given below has not been clarified into an enabling regulation;

Mandate on Bioethanol: The Noble Objectives and Unintended Consequences

The noble intentions of the Philippines "Biofuels Act of 2006" are clearly stipulated in the policy.

Innovative Environmental Technologies

Near-invisible solar cells have a 1000x greater power conversion efficiency
‘Sand batteries’ could be key breakthrough in storing solar and wind energy year-round
Tesla unveils details of 100 year battery

Relevant News

K.K.K. welcomes back to its Board of Trustees former Secretary Elisea "Bebet" Gozun, formerly a Presidential Adviser on
Secretary Elisea "Bebet" G. Gozun was an original member of the KKK Board of Trustees until her resignation following her appointment with the Philippine government as Presidential Assistant on Climate Change under the Office of President Aquino. After resigning recently from this government position she rejoined KKK.
Boysen KNOxOUT in NatGeo as part of 6 best inventions in Asia
Filipino-made paint is part of 6 Best Inventions in Asia-to be featured on National Geographic's INNOVASIANS The Filipino can.
Traffic congestion poses health risks, study says
Not only does it cost Filipinos millions in potential income everyday but traffic congestion in Metro Manila had a tremendous impact on public health, a study by an environment watchdog bared.
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Climate Change for Beginners


News on Climate Change

The world’s first CO2 battery for long-duration energy storage is being commercialized
Carbon Dioxide Peaked In 2022 At Levels Not Seen For Millions Of Years
MIT invents $4 solar desalination device
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Expert's Briefings

With the continuing dependence in the foreseeable future of the Philippines on coal as fuel for base load power plants, the issue or perceptions on coal mining are revisited. A proposed coal mining site in Mindanao was studied and is the basis for this article.

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" – Robert Kennedy

After so much anguish and frustration, this week’s decision of the Supreme Court (SC) reversing itself on the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) talong case came as a most welcome surprise to farmers and livestock raisers, the public regulators, and the science community.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Victor O. Ramos

Chairman of the Board

Former Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Grace F. Favila

Vice Chair

Chair, Advisory Council, Philippine Business for the Environment (PBE)

Elisea G. Gozun


Former DENR Secretary Former Presidential Adviser on Climate Change

Engr. Editha G. Cabrera


Former President 2004-2006 Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. Technical Advisory Board of PBE

roberto de ocampo



Executive Director

Former Chairman, Air and Waste Management Association, Philippine Section (A&WMA, PS)

Council of Advisers


Former UnderSecretary, Department of Science and Technology (DOST)


President, Ateneo De Manila University


Former Director, Environmental Management Bureau (EMB)


Former Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DOST)


Former Director, DOST-PCCARD

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